Anson is a consultancy specialising in building and construction, structural and civil engineering, and project management advice. Clients include federal, state and local government, as well as private sector companies, and home building clients and renovators.  

We have experience in residential and commercial, multi-level design and construction, aviation, rail, marine and road transport related infrastructure. We also have experience in military engineering including project and contractor management on operations.   

Our building department is experienced in all facets of residential and light commercial building projects. Anson is licensed in South Australia, NSW and Victoria to do any building work (residential, commercial, industrial - unlimited)

Our structural engineering department is also experienced at facade design and verification, portal frame analysis, footing design, earthquake design of multi-level commercial, residential and industrial buildings and structures.

Our civil engineering department is experienced at road and car park design, drainage design, and run off analysis for commercial, residential and industrial sites.  

Anson has an experienced team qualified to tackle any project, no matter how large or small.